A big thanks to everyone who came down to see Kamal & Charles’ special duo set at in Bahrain the other night at Museland Festival! It was surreal finally getting to play in our home town. It’s not what it used to be and theres a scene growing thanks to some sweet initiatives like Boho Baha & Museland.

Kamal’s brother designed this insanely beautiful stage overlooking the sea and brought in a bunch of his house furniture for our set. I hope we play shows like this again, it felt like we were home, hopefully with the full band next time around! Set list below. 

1. Anya

2. Spirit Away Away

3. Hyperborea 

4. Xipe Totec 

5. Lemuria 

6. Taishōgoto

Photos by Jody Peck. 

We’re in the new issue of the amazing MOOD music & food magazine!! In the interview we talk about how a lot of our roots are based on punk motives. 
“We like to think of our live shows as a fast, energetic wall of psychedelic noise”

A blog of mysticism from UK/Bahrain/Hyperborea based band Flamingods.

We like to make noise with instruments collected from around the world.